Short Term Equity Loans

General Nicole Chater Bressi 5 Mar

Credit cards are thought of as a short term cash solution. However, credit cards charge interest on your unpaid balance and that charge is added to your balance. If you don’t pay off your balance in full the following month, you’ll end up paying interest on your interest. A better option if you own a […]

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Top 10 Tips to get you approved for a mortgage!

General Nicole Chater Bressi 8 Dec

Are you ready to dive into home ownership? You need to read this first before you sign a mortgage that isn’t the absolute best product for you! Here are 10 tips to get you approved for a mortgage. Any or all of these tips may apply to you! Budget for closing costs. When saving up for […]

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Refinance to lower debt!

General Nicole Chater Bressi 19 Nov

Debt is something that can weigh heavily on your mind. The stress of debt ruins relationships, health and your overall wellbeing. There are ways to reduce your debt load through consolidation. Perhaps it is time to refinance in order to lower debt. In this blog, we will discuss factors at play in making the decision […]

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Five Programs for First-Time Home Buyers

General Nicole Chater Bressi 3 Nov

Five Programs for First-Time Home Buyers Buying your first home can be daunting especially when adding up all the costs. Included in the many fees are moving expenses, legal fees, home inspections and taxes. Every new home buyer can definitely use some financial assistance. Below is a list of 5 programs that can help the […]

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